The 2015 Storytelling World Resource Awards

Below are the 2015 winners and honors selected from several hundred nominated stories, books, and recordings. Beneath each award title is a short descriptive phrase about the resource contents. The major evaluative criterion was "story-listener appeal" for the items selected in Categories 1-6, and "usefulness for storytellers" for the resources honored in Category 7.
These awards are also featured in the 2015 April/May issue of Storytelling Magazine/Storytelling World. To purchase a copy of this magazine, go to the National Storytelling Network website at

Category 1: Stories for Young Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 5, 6.)


I Am Rosa Parks
Rosa’s condensed story, beginning with her childhood
by Brad Meltzer
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars
A story of building confidence with passion and dedication
by Ricky Martin
Celebra Children’s Books,

The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Go To Sleep
A unique “Maynard Moose” tale
by Willy Claflin
August House,

Brave Chicken Little
The classic “sky-is-falling” story with a new ending and brave hero
by Robert Byrd


Dozer’s Run
A true story of a dog and his race
by Debbie Levy
Sleeping Bear Press,

Lion vs. Rabbit
A quirky modern fable about bullying
by Alex Latimer
Peachtree Publisher,

Three Bears in a Boat
An adventure focusing on taking responsibility for one’s actions
by David Soman
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls
A Chelm Passover tale
by Linda Glaser
Albert Whitman & Company,

Little Santa
An adventure “Santa” had as a child
by Jon Agee
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Category 2

Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 1, 3, 5, 6.)


Gifts of the Heart
The story of the magic of giving the right kind of gifts
by Patricia Polacco
G. P. Putnam’s Sons,

The Grudge Keeper
A story about putting aside our petty quibbles
by Mara Rockliff
Peachtree Publisher,

A collection of world folk tales
CD by Tim Lowry

The Rainbow Garden
Tales of wisdom
CD by Michael Caduto
Luna Blu,

Strega Nona Does It Again
A story of the consequences of two vain and spoiled young lovers’ actions
by Tomie dePaola
Nancy Paulsen Books,


Tuki and Moka
A tale of two tamarins in Ecuador
by Judy Young
Sleeping Bear Press,

Not My Girl
The true story of a daughter’s cultural adjustments
by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
Annick Press,

Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic
A true story about the First Lady serving hot dogs to the king and queen of England
by Leslie Kimmelman
Sleeping Bear Press,
Never Say a Mean Word Again
A conflict resolution tale from Medieval Spain
by Jacqueline Jules
Wisdom Tales Press,
Back of the Bus
A young boy’s unique insight into Rosa Parks’ brave act of defiance
by Aaron Reynolds
Philomel Books,
Going Up!
The story of the invention of the passenger elevator
by Monica Kulling
Tundra Books,

Category 3

Stories for Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 4, 5, 6.)


Egg Babies
Crazy stories about adolescent adventures
CD by Bil Lepp

The Manger Scene
A child’s spiritual experience with the Christmas nativity scene
On CD My Favorite Time of Year, by Tim Lowry
Don’t Say a Word, Mama
An adapted folktale in both Spanish and English
by Joe Hayes
Cinco Puntos Press,
As Fast as Words Could Fly
A desegregation story about overcoming racial barriers
by Pamela M. Tuck
Lee & Low Books,
Goodnight iPad
A rap/poem parody about turning off all our electronic gadgets
by “Ann Droyd”
Blue Rider Press,
The Unforgettable Season
The story of Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams’ baseball records
by Phil Bildner
G. P. Putnam’s Sons,


Custer’s Last Battle
Red Hawk’s account of the Battle of the Little Bighorn
Horse Raid
A Lakota warrior’s version of an earlier tradition
Both by Paul Goble
Wisdom Tales Press,

Guardian of the Trees
An inspiring story about defending a cause
On CDwith same title, by Jeff Gere
Hope Springs
A story of compassion and understanding
by Eric Walters
Tundra Books,
The New Mother
A chilling story about two daughters who disobeyed their mother
On CD Bill & Vick’s Picks: Spooky Tales, by Bill Wood and Vicky Town

Category 4

Stories for Adult Listeners

(See also Categories 3, 5, 6.)


The Hanging of Tom Brown
The true story of eight brave young people who battled racism
2 full CDs by Jim Gregory
Road Candy Records,

Etched in Clay
The true story of an enslaved potter and poet (in book-length free verse)
by Andrea Cheng
Lee & Low Books,
Tain bo Cuailnge: The Cattle Raid of Cooley
An ancient heroic epic of Celtic Ireland
Full CD by Alan Irvine


The War Within These Walls
A full-session story of the Warsaw ghetto uprising
by Aline Sax

Category 5

Storytelling Collections

(See also any story collections listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


The Coyote Under the Table
Folktales in both Spanish and English
by Joe Hayes
Cinco Puntos Press,
Tales from the 7,000 Isles
Pilipino folk stories (and cultural information)
by Dianne de Las Casas and Zarah C. Gagatiga
Libraries Unlimited,

In a Glass Grimmly
The Grimm Conclusion
Companions to Gidwitz’s earlier tongue-in-cheek “re-envisionings” of selected Grimm classics
Both by Adam Gidwitz
Dutton Children’s Books,


London Folk Tales
A collection of stories told by Londoners
by Helen East
The History Press,
A Belfast Girl
Personal stories that include a childhood in Ireland, a marriage in Scotland, and arrival in America
by Maggi Kerr Peirce
Parkhurst Brothers,

Poem Depot
A collection of very short poems that can be used as segues in children’s story programs
by Douglas Florian
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Category 6

Storytelling Recordings

CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age
(See also the recordings listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway
The story of the entwined lives of Ronnie Calloway and Lizzie Gibson
CD by Kim Weitkamp
Road Candy Records,

The Magic Carpet
Stories and songs from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
CD by Judith Heineman and Dan Marcotte

The Wisdom of Nature and Other Earth Tales
A collection of stories that touch the heart and feed the soul
CD by Michael Caduto
Luna Blu,
Forgiveness: Telling Our Stories in New Ways
A 2-CD program of stories for healing your past and living peacefully in the present
by Elisa D. Pearmain
Reaching for the Moon
Selected “wisdom tales” from Elisa Pearmain’s book, Once Upon a Time
2 CDs by Jenni Cargill-Strong

Getting the Creeps
A collection of spooky stories
CD by Tim Lowry

The Habit of Joy
Stories of living into our true selves
CD by Anne Rutherford

Sister True
A variety of comical and wacky stories
CD by Andy Offutt Irwin
Road Candy Records,


Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent
A collection of classic tales of wonder
CD by Beatrice Bowles
Harmony Hill Productions,

Fighting for Our Rights
Stories about mid-20 th century American women
CD by Kate Dudding

George Henry Story: The Man Who Painted Lincoln
True vignettes from Story’s life
CD by Carolyn Stearns

Category 7

Special Storytelling Resources


Folktales Aloud
A guidebook of practical advice for playful storytelling
by Janice M. Del Negro
American Library Association,
Story Trumps Structure
How to write unforgettable fiction (stories/novels) by “breaking the rules”
by Steven James
Writer’s Digest,
Regi’s story of her breakdown, institutionalization, and road back—plus a post-informative talk
DVD by Regi Carpenter

Dancing at the Crossroads (Series):

Stories and Activities for At-Risk Youth Programming

A Guide for Caregivers in At-Risk Youth Programming

A Guide for Practitioners in At-Risk Youth Programs

Three books for those who work with at-risk youth
by Lorna MacDonald Czarnota
Parkhurst Brothers,


From Bunker Hill to Baghdad
Factual story information about America’s veterans
by Pat Mendoza
Libraries Unlimited,

Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes
Short historical vignettes about 20 significant Hispanic Americans
by Juan Felipe Herrera
Dial Books for Young Readers,
Mississippi Folk and the Tales They Tell
Myths, legends, and information about Mississippi folklore
by Diane Williams
The History Press,
The Kamishibai Classroom
An educator’s guide for using “Paper Theater” to engage multiple literacies
by Tara M. McGowan
Libraries Unlimited,

Who Was Marie Curie?
by Megan Stein
Who Was Abigail Adams?
by True Kelley
Books with basic information that can be used to craft biographical stories (See entire series for other similar titles.)
Grosset & Dunlap,