The 2016 Storytelling World Resource Awards

This section features the 2016 winners and honors selected from the numerous nominated stories, books, and recordings. Beneath each award title is a short descriptive phrase about the resource contents. The major evaluative criterion was "story- listener appeal" for the items selected in Categories 1-6, and "usefulness for storytellers" for the resources honored in Category 7. Questions may be e-mailed to or they may be answered on the website where these winning resources are featured with embedded links to their respective websites.

Category 1: Stories for Young Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 5, 6.)


Rags: Hero Dog of WWI
The true story of a stray dog
by Margot Theis Raven
Sleeping Bear Press,

I Am Jackie Robinson
A peek into the life of the first black baseball player
by Brad Meltzer

I Wanna Go Home
A (potential tandem) story via mailed letters to/from child parent about visits with grandparents
by Karen Kaufman Orloff
G.P. Putnam's Sons,


The Good Little Book
An imaginative story of a lost book
by Kyo Maclear
Tundra Books,

Scarlett the Cat to the Rescue: Fire Hero
The story of a mother cat's rescue of her five kittens
by Nancy Loewen

The Legend of the Beaver's Tail
An Ojibwe legend about vanity
by Stephanie Shaw
Sleeping Bear Press,

The Fabulous World of Mr. Fred
A story of friendship and life-changing encounters
by Lili Chartrand
Fitzhenry & Whiteside,

Visiting Day
A story of the difficulties when a parent is incarcerated
by Jacqueline Woodson
Puffin Books,

Dear Mr. Washington
A series of child's letters describing her father's attempts to paint portraits of George Washington
by Lynn Cullen

Henry Holton Takes the Ice
A story about a child finding his passion
by Sandra Bradley

Category 2

Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 1, 3, 5, 6.)


A Home Run for Bunny
The true story of African-American baseball player Bunny Taliaferro
by Richard Andersen
Illumination Arts,

Fishermen Through & Through
The story of three men and their dreams
by Colleen Sydor
Red Deer Press,

I Am Albert Einstein
An insight into Einstein's early struggles
by Brad Meltzer

Honors: Sona and the Wedding Game
The story of a childish prank at a Hindu ceremony
by Kashmira Sheth

Hockey Hero
An encouraging story of overcoming shyness
by Zachary Hyman
Tundra Books,

Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs
A new look at Snow White's plight
by Davide Cali
Tundra Books,

Little Melba and Her Big Trombone
The story of jazz virtuosoMelba Doretta Liston
by Katheryn Russell-Brown
Lee & Low Books,

Stone Angel
A young Jewish girl's struggles during WWII
by Jane Yolen

The Tomb Robber and King Tut
An imagining of the discovery of the boy king's tomb in the 1920s
by Sarah Gauch

Cronus the Titan Tells All: Tricked by the Kids
A retelling of a classic Greek myth for younger listeners
by Eric Braun

Category 3

Stories for Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 4, 5, 6.)


Twenty-two Cents
An inspiring story of economic innovation and vision
by Paula Yoo Lee & Low Books,
Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece
How teachers can encourage confidence in their students
by Patricia Polacco
G.P. Putnam's Sons,


What the Ironwood Tree Learned from the Javelina
A story illustrating the importance of being at one with the world
On CD Tales of the Sonoran Desert, by Joyce Story
The Poppy Lady
The true story of Moina Belle Michael and her tribute to veterans
by Barbara Elizabeth Walsh
Calkins Creek (An imprint of Boyds Mill Press)
Tricky Vic
The impossibly true story of the man who sold the Eiffel Tower
by Greg Pizzoli

Category 4

Stories for Adult Listeners

(See also Categories 3, 5, 6.)


The Best Man
A story about having a bad day
In The Killdeer, by Michael Cotter
Parkhurst Brothers,
I Ain't Know, Bo!
A story of the influence of a wise fifth-grade teacher
On CD with same title, by Tim Lowry
Crackerjack (League 3)
A personal baseball story from childhood and beyond
On CD 210, by Adam Booth
Toilet Paper and a Troubled Teenager
How a teacher turned around a suicidal teen
On CD Out 'n No Book, by Tim Lowry


A String of Blue Beads
by Fulton Oursler
The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth
by Howard C. Schade
Information Please
by Paul Villiard
Three inspirational stories in a collection of classics
From Treasury of Joy and Inspiration
Reader's Digest Association,

Category 5

Storytelling Collections

(See also any story collections listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Storyteller's Sampler
A collection of tales from tellers around the world
Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald
Libraries Unlimited,

The Killdeer
Personal stories about the author's farming life
by Michael Cotter
Parkhurst Brothers,


Stories We Tell
Tales from the Story Circle of the Capital District
Edited by Sandor Schuman
This Too Shall Pass Press,
Tiggy Tiggy Touch Wood
Stories of faith, strength, and character
by Madelyn Grape Rohrer
The Ravenous Gown and 14 More Tales about Real Beauty
A collection of stories about appearances, strength, character, wisdom, and love
by Steffani Raff Familius,
Pachamama Tales
Folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay
Retold and translated by Paula Martin, Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald
Libraries Unlimited,
Adirondack Mendel's Aufruf
A collection of thought-provoking stories
by Sandor Schuman
This Too Shall Pass Press,
Tales of the Sonoran Desert
Stories that give voice to the plants and animals of this unique desert
by Joyce Story

Category 6

Storytelling Recordings

CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age
(See also the recordings listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Story Harbour, Vol 1.
Classic stories of inspiration and wisdom
CD by Zette Harbour
Hanuman's Quest
The full-CD story of India's epic The Ramayana
CD by Andy Fraenkel
Out 'n No Book
Stories about stuff you don't learn from an encyclopedia
CD by Tim Lowry
Personal stories from childhood
CD by Adam Booth
Jumping on Grandma's Plastic Covered Couch
A collection of personal/family stories
CD by Linda Gorham


The Life and Times of Herschel of Ostropol
Selected stories about a legendary prankster
CD by David Arfa
Say Freedom!
Three thought-provoking stories
CD by Bob Reiser

Category 7

Special Storytelling Resources


Story Smart
How to use the science of story to persuade, inspire, influence, and teach
by Kendall Haven
Libraries Unlimited,, or
Molly and Me
Memoirs and personal background of a storyteller
by Marion Lewis Besmehn
Pangea Publishing,
Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals, 2nd Ed.
A guidebook for storytime organizers
by Penny Peck
Libraries Unlimited,
Who Was J.R.R. Tolkien?
Who Was Alfred Hitchcock?
Who Was Charles Dickens? and
Who Was Susan B. Anthony?
(by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso)
Who Were the Brothers Grimm?
(by Avery Reed)
Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?
(by Jim Gigliotti)
Who Was Beatrix Potter?
(by Sarah Fabiny)
Resources for potential story/program information. Grosset & Dunlap
(Only one is pictured at the left.)


40 Fun Fables: Tales That Trick, Tickle, and Teach
Fables linked to Common Core for young listeners
by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss
August House,
Story by Story
Guidelines for creating and managing student storytelling troupes
by Karen Chace
Parkhurst Brothers,
Nectar of Story: Poems
A collection of vignettes with free verse creations
by Tim J. Myers
BlazeVOX Books,
Blue Men & River Monsters: Folklore of the North
Remembrances of the old country and legends of the mysterious and macabre
Edited by John Zimm
Wisconsin Historical Society Press,
Tibetan Folktales
Cultural information and stories from Tibet
by Haiwang Yuan, Awang Kunga, and Bo Li
Libraries Unlimited,

A description of the best players, games, and teams in baseball (for potential story crafting)
by Howard Bryant