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Below are the 2000 winners and honors selected from several hundred nominated stories, books, and recordings. The major evaluative criterion for the stories was "story-listener appeal" (rather than ease in retelling) and "usefulness for story-tellers" for the items considered in Category 7. Beneath each award title is a short descriptive phrase about the resource contents. For resources not independently produced, a publisher's code is enclosed in parentheses after the author/performer's name. The ordering information for these award resources is provided at the end of this section. For color photos of ALL honored resources identified below, see the 2000 July/August issue of Storytelling Magazine/Storytelling World. To purchase a copy of this magazine, go to the NSN web site.

Category 1: Stories for Young Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 5, 6.)


Shaq and the Beanstalk
A twisted fairy tale with a lesson
From Shaq and the Beanstalk and Other Very Tall Tales
by Shaquille O'Neal
Scholastic/Cartwheel/ISBN 0-590-91823-0


Leola and the Honeybears
An African-American retelling of Goldilocks
by Melodye Benson Rosales
Scholastic/Cartwheel/ISBN 0-590-38358-2

Grandad's Prayers of the Earth
A grandfather teaches his grandson about prayer
by Douglas Wood
Candlewick Press ISBN 0-7636-0660-X

The Birds' Gift
A Ukrainian Easter story
Retold by Eric A. Kimmel
Holiday House/ISBN 0-8234-1384-5

What! Cried Granny: An Almost Bedtime Story
A silly, funny granny tries to put her grandson to bed.
by Kate Lum
Penquin Putnam (Dial)/ISBN 0-8037-2382-2

A Little Red Hen twist for a new teamwork story
by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
Harcourt/ISBN 0-15-201924-3

Little Bunny's Sleepless Night
A lesson about being happy with what you have
by Carol Roth
North-South Books/ISBN 0-7358-1069-9

When William Went Away
A story about finding new friends
by Sally J.K. Davies
Carolrhoda Books/ISBN 1-57505-303-9

Old Tom & the Rogue
A greedy rogue is fooled by his own ignorance
by Trevor Wilson
Dominie Press/ISBN 0-7685-0319-1

Category 2

Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 1, 3, 5, 6.)


Streets of Gold
A Russian girl's journey to America.
by Rosemary Wells
Penguin Putnam (Dial)/ISBN 0-8037-2149-8

Christmas Puppy
A gruff Panhandle shopkeeper has an unforgettable Christmas visit
From Texas Christmas Stories
CD by Doc Moore and Tim Tingle
Storytribe Publishing/ ISBN 1-886334-04-8

Iron John
A version including environmental consciousness and gender equality
by Marianna Mayer
Morrow Junior/HarperCollins/ISBN 0-688-11554-3


Brothers of the Knight
An African-American version of Twelve Dancing Princesses
by Debbie Allen
Penguin Putnam (Dial)/ISBN 0-8037-2488-8

The Peddler's Gift
A Jewish boy learns about kindness and honesty
by Maxine Rose Schur
Penguin Putnam (Dial)/ISBN 0-8037-1978-7

In the Time of the Drums
An African-American story about the strength to choose death over slavery
by Kim L. Siegelson
Jump/Hyperion/ISBN 0-7868-0436-X

Della Splatnuk, Birthday Girl
A lesson learned about prejudging others by their appearance
Adapted by Lisa McCourt
HCI/ISBN 1-55874-600-5

Mrs. Ammons and the Boys' Room
A tale that will start a stampede to the restrooms
From The Battle of the Mad Scientists and Other Tales of Survival
CD by Bill Harley
Round River Records/ISBN 1-878126-32-6

The Memory Horse
A grandparent-grandchild story about preserving memories
by Troon Harrison
Tundra Books/ISBN 0-88776-440-1

A WWII story about prejudice against the Japanese
by Maxine Trottier
Stoddart Kids/ISBN 0-7737-3136-9

The Rabbit's Tail
A Korean version of why the rabbit has a short tail
by Suzanne Crowder Han
Henry Holt Books/ISBN 0-8050-4580-5

Yanni Rubbish
A message about treating others with respect
by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim
Boyds Mills Press/ISBN 1-56397-668-4

Three Fat Fish
Experiences of a wise, a clever, and a stupid fish
From Fish Tales: Fish Stories from Here and Away
CD/Audiotape by Laura Simms
Lyrichord Special Products/ISBN 7-44457-6004-2

The Dragon New Year
A Chinese Buddha legend of the New Year
by David Bouchard
Peachtree Publishers/ ISBN 1-56145-210-6

Category 3

Stories for Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 4, 5, 6.)


Diamond Bill
A Texas rattlesnake fights in the Civil War
From Texas Critter Tales
Audiotape by Donna Ingham
Wordship Publishing

Fiddlin' Sam
A music lover's heartwarming story
by Marianna Dengler
Rising Moon/ ISBN 0-87358-742-1


Welcome Comfort
A touching Christmas story
by Patricia Polacco
Penguin Putnam (Philomel)/ISBN 0-399-23169-2

Grandfather's Christmas Tree
A personal story of pioneer hardships
by Keith Strand
Harcourt/ISBN 0-15-201821-2

Secretly, I Changed My Name
From Taste Berries for Teens: Inspirational Short Stories
A stepson honors his stepdad
by Bettie B. Youngs and Jennifer Leigh Youngs
HCI/ISBN 1-55874-669-2

A Band of Angels
African-American singers raise money to save Fisk University
by Deborah Hopkinson
Simon & Schuster/ISBN 0-689-81062-8

O'Sullivan Stew
An Irish heroine's imaginative tale with several subplots
by Hudson Talbott
Penguin Putnam/ISBN 0-399-23162-5

Casablanca Inn
Ghostly story of a waiting woman
From A Ghostly Experience in St. Augustine, Florida
CD by Sandy Craig, Tommy Bledsoe, and Michelle Gastineau
Ghost Tours of St. Augustine/ISBN 0-9661203-1-0

The Mermaid of Zennor
A mermaid love story
From Magic and Mischief
by Shirley Clomo
Clarion/ISBN 0-395-86968-4

Category 4

Stories for Adult Listeners

(See also Categories 3, 5, 6.)


Blue Willow
The tragic love story behind the Blue Willow China pattern
by Pam Conrad
Penguin Putnam (Philomel)/ISBN 0-399-22904-3

The Dance
A touching story of a father-daughter bond
by Richard Paul Evans
Simon & Schuster/ISBN 0-689-82351-7


Travels With Rosebud
A portion of a longer story about motherhood
From Mom's the Word: A Journey in Meter and Centimeters
Audiotape by Milbre Burch
Kind Crone Productions

Hungry for Your Love
A Holocaust love story
by Herman and Roma Rosenblat as told to Barbara De Angelis
An Irish Love Story
How love affects physical problems and healing
by George Target
A true story of deep love and devotion
by Laura Jeanne Allen
All from Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul, collected by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis, Mark Donnelly, and Chrissy Donnelly
HCI/ISBN 1-55874-646-3

Snowy Footprints
Do "angels" leave footprints?
From The Granny Curse and Other Ghosts and Legends
by Randy Russell and Janet Barnett
John F. Blair/ISBN 0-89587-185-8

There Stands a Bridge
A humorous tall tale
From The Monster Stick & Other Appalachian Tall Tales
by Paul and Bil Lepp
August House/ISBN 0-87483-577-1

Three Coins
An enslaved woman seeks advice
From Ladies' Night Out
CD by Barbara G. Schutzgruber
BGSG Storytelling

The Racking Horse
The tenaciousness of a wife's love
by Lori Bledsoe as told to Rhonda Reese
From Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul
CD by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Heather McNamara
HCI/ISBN 1-55874-700-1

Category 5

Storytelling Collections

(See also any story collections listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


A Coat for the Moon and Other Jewish Tales
Retold by Howard Schwartz and Barbara Rush
The Jewish Publication Society/ISBN 0-8276-0596-X

How & Why Stories: World Tales Kids Can Read & Tell
by Martha Hamilton& Mitch Weiss
August House/ISBN 0-87483-561-5


Earth Care: World Folktales to Talk About
by Margaret Read MacDonald
Linnet Books/The Shoe String Press/ISBN 0-208-02426-3 (paperback); 0-208-02416-6 (hardcover)

Journeys with Elijah: Eight Tales of the Prophet
by Barbara Diamond Goldin
Harcourt/ISBN 0-15-200445-9

The Enchanted Wood and Other Tales from Finland
by Norma J. Livo and George O. Livo
Libraries Unlimited/ISBN 1-56308-578-X

Sword of the Samurai: Adventure Stories from Japan
by Eric A Kimmel
Harcourt/ISBN 0-15-201985-5

Moon Cakes to Maize: Delicious World Folktales
Edited and retold by Norma J. Livo
Fulcrum Resources/ISBN 1-55591-973-1

While the Bear Sleeps: Winter Tales and Traditions
Retold by Caitlin Matthews
Barefoot Books/ISBN 1-902283-81-3

Animal Stories
Chosen by Michael Morpurgo
Kingfisher/ISBN 0-7534-5191-3

Stories for a Teen's Heart
Compiled by Alice Gray
Multnomah/ISBN 1-57673-646-6

Category 6

Storytelling Recordings

CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age

(See also the recordings listed in categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Galileo and the Stargazers
A collection of educational and entertaining astronomy stories
CD by Jim Weiss
Greathall Productions/ISBN 1-882513-46-0

Little Proto's T-Rex Adventure
Musical dinosaur tales for young listeners
Audiotape by Donald Davis
Rivertree Productions

Two personal adventure stories about growing up
Audiotape by Donald Davis
August House/ISBN 0-87483-581-X

Spirits Walk
Chilling tales for teenagers and adults
Audiotape by Connie Regan-Blake
Mythic Stream productions/ISBN 1-929415-06-0

Silent Night
A collection of Christmas stories
CD by Susan Klein
Ruby Window Productions

Anansi Time
Lively, entertaining versions of traditional tales
Audiotape by Bobby Norfolk
August House/ISBN 0-87483-540-2

Category 7

Special Storytelling Resources


New Tales for Old: Folktales as Literary Fictions for Young Adults
by Gail de Vos & Anna E. Altmann
Libraries Unlimited/ISBN 1-56308-447-3

Improving Your Storytelling: Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work or Play
by Doug Lipman
August House/ISBN 0-87483-530-5


The Storytellers' Journey: An American Revival
by Joseph Daniel Sobol
University of Illinois Press/ISBN 0-252-06746-0

Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Times: Heroes, Sheroes, and Villians
by Patrick M. Mendoza
Libraries Unlimited/ISBN 1-56308-611-5

Legends of Landforms: Native American Lore and the Geology of the Land
by Carole G. Bogel
The Millbrook Press/ISBN 0-7613-0272-7

The Bulletin Storytelling Review, Volume I
by Janice M. Del Negro and Deborah Stevenson
Center for Children's Books/ISBN 0-87845-106-4

Close Encounters with Deadly Dangers: Riveting Reads and Classroom Ideas
by Kendall Haven
Libraries Unlimited/ISBN 1-56308-653-0

Illustrated Book of Great Adventures: Tales of Real-Life Advenurers Throughout History
Retold by Richard Platt
Dorling Kindersley Publishing/ISBN 0-7894-4461-5

Traditional Storytelling Today: An International Sourcebook
Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald
Fitzroy Dearborn/ISBN 1-57958-011-4


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