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Details and Deadlines for the Storytelling World Awards

The deadline for the receipt of nominated resources is always

JULY 20 of the year prior to the awards.

(Resources received AFTER the above date will automatically be cycled through the following year's program.)

Nominated storytelling resources should be published within five years of the award year.

Thank you for sending your resources AS SOON AS THEY ARE PUBLISHED.

All nomination forms and resources should be mailed to:

Dr. Flora Joy, Storytelling World Awards
108 Oak Grove Boulevard, Johnson City, TN 37601
(Do not mail a package that requires a signature for delivery.)

Awards Rationale:

Most storytellers don't have time to examine all of the new resources published or recorded each year, but they want to find out about the most exciting new stories that audiences of various ages would enjoy hearing and storytelling resources that offer information about the field of storytelling. Each year Storytelling World selects a panel of several qualified judges (with a variety of professional, personal, and geographic backgrounds) who spend several months in an intensive evaluation process to select awards for the following seven categories:

Awards Categories:

Category 1: Stories for YOUNG Listeners*

Category 2: Stories for PRE-ADOLESCENT Listeners*

Category 3: Stories for ADOLESCENT Listeners*

Category 4: Stories for ADULT Listeners*
*Selected stories are from anthologies, single-story books, or recordings.

Category 5: Story Collections
Published books containing several stories (for any age)

Category 6: Storytelling Recordings
CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure (for any age)

Category 7: Special Storytelling Resources
Publications with information about storytelling and/or very special/unique storytelling resources

Special Note :

Candidate materials submitted for consideration in the Storytelling World Awards Program should be well written/crafted/delivered. These resources are expected to be models of correct grammar and usage in all aspects of the written English language, including punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and formatting. Our editors  recognize that some current forms of writing are quite abbreviated (as in text messaging), but that vernacular language is not considered professional writing. As the submitted resources are evaluated by our judges, these language standards will be considered. [Dialect deviations or grammatical inconsistencies in direct quotes are not considered “errors.”] We highly recommend using the skills of a knowledgeable proofreader before releasing your final product.

Award Details:

* All nominations must be published resources that contain a printed copyright date during the last five years (from the nomination deadline).

* There is no fee for these nominations and no limit to the number of resources that may be nominated (as long as the resources meet the described criteria).

* Only ONE nomination form will be needed (for a complete shipment) from any contact person or publisher--whether a single resource or several items are submitted. The needed information (on the separate nomination form) may be communicated in any desired fashion: e-mailed, handwritten, or typed. The titles may be listed on separate paper if desired.

* Only ONE COPY of each nominated resource will be required. These nominated resources are not returned.

* Mail these materials as EARLY as possible. Mailings may occur at different times--preferably as soon as the resources are published. Within two weeks of the receipt of your shipment, an e-mail message will be sent informing you of its arrival. To inquire about any shipment, send an e-mail to Dr. Joy at Be sure to include the following:
--Publisher's name (exactly as you would want it to appear in Storytelling World)
--Publisher's mailing address
--Name and daytime telephone of nominator/contact person
--E-mail address of contact person (write CLEARLY)
--A Web site that includes the nominated resources (This site will be hot-linked on the Storytelling World published awards page.)
--A list of the nominated resource titles, followed by their publication dates

Communication about the Storytelling World Awards SELECTIONS will be sent BY EMAIL ONLY to the contact person identified on the nomination form. If that person's email address changes from the time of nomination, please let us know by sending the new address to us. No information is sent to nominators of resources not selected. This awards notification is typically emailed on or before JANUARY of the award year. This early notification is sent for editing purposes only, and the announcements of the actual awards (and categories) will be communicated to all recipients by late March of the award year. After that time, recipients may broadcast their honors.

* The nominated items may be published in any country, but the printed or performance language must be English.

* The major evaluative criteria are the story's appeal to the intended listeners in categories 1-4 and the overall quality of the resources in categories 5-7. Illustrations and accompanying art will have no bearing on these awards.

* The story length for each submission in categories 1-4 should be approximately 200-2000 words, although exceptions may occur. Individual stories longer than 2500 words will likely be excluded. Do not nominate lengthy biographies or novels.

* Do not nominate unbound or proof copies. Wait until the final publication before submitting nominations.

* Our award managers will categorize all submitted resources. Each anthology will be entered in category 5, and every story in all collections and recordings will additionally and automatically be entered in categories 1, 2, 3, or 4. There will be no need for nominators to suggest the categories.

* Individual stories that are reprints or revisions of earlier works (but that appear in a publication within recent years) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Storytelling World retains the right to make these decisions one story at a time.

* Resources that have been routed through a previous awards cycle may not be resubmitted.

* All resources received after the July 20 deadline will be included in the following year's awards program. It will not be necessary to renominate them or to send any additional information.

* The winning award resources will be featured in full color of the April/May issue of Storytelling World/Storytelling Magazine. They will also will be permanently posted on this web site.