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Submitting Manuscripts for Storytelling World

Beginning with the 2006 May/June issue of Storytelling World, the content will essentially be CAREFULLY SELECTED STORIES OR ARTICLE EXCERPTS from newly released storytelling resources. These will primarily be chosen from the nominated items for the Storytelling World Awards Program, BUT they may also be submitted independently. ALL COPYRIGHTS will be retained by the original creators. Most published articles/excerpts in Storytelling World will be accompanied by a full photo of the original resource and will be followed by contact information for potential purchase of the product.

If your resources have already been nominated for the Storytelling World Awards Program, our staff will search for possible excerpts (although you may include a note with your nominated items that you would like for a specific section to be considered). Authors of potential excerpts in Storytelling World will be contacted for their publication permission.

If you would like to make an independent submission, please do the following:

1. Please MAIL ONE COPY of the recently released complete storytelling resource that contains a story or article you would like to be considered for publication in Storytelling World. (Submitted resources are not returned.)

2. Do not mail anything requiring a signature for its delivery.

3. On an enclosed cover sheet, please include your name, mailing address, telephone number (daytime and evening), an e-mail address (required), and a brief biography that does not exceed 100 words in length. (Remember that YOU will retain the complete rights to the submitted materials.) SIGN AND DATE the cover sheet, followed by the statement: "I give reprint permission to Storytelling World for one-time use of this material."

4. CLEARLY IDENTIFY the story/section you think should be considered for this excerpt by giving the page numbers (etc.) of the desired material. The text may ADDITIONALLY be submitted on disc if Microsoft WORD is used, or it may be e-mailed as regular text or as a separate Microsoft WORD attachment. (Sending the information in an attachment preserves your text formatting.)

Communication Information:

Mail all materials to:
Storytelling World
Dr. Flora Joy, Editor,
108 Oak Grove Boulevard
Johnson City, TN 37601

Send e-mail inquiries to:

AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR MATERIALS, our process is considerably different from the majority of other periodicals. We will send an e-mail "receipt notice" (to let you know that your submission arrived safely and in good condition). ONLY THOSE ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION will be notified, and each author will have an opportunity to examine the final "text" before it is printed in the magazine. This complete process always takes SEVERAL MONTHS, so we thank you in advance for sending your submissions as early as possible and your subsequent patience. If you have any questions about manuscript submission, it will be our pleasure to try to answer them.